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Griner’s cousin to Swish “God is good” on news of Griner’s release

By Sean Schultz

Like an albatross of sorts around our collective necks, a gigantic weight on our backs every day hanging over our lives and the last WNBA season which was obviously 1000x worse for her family. All of it is finally over. The moment the Griner family and basketball world has been waiting for has arrived, and as I type these words my hands are sincerely shaking and I have tears of joy falling down my face; BRITTNEY GRINER IS FREE! BG IS COMING HOME!

In a one-for-one prisoner exchange, Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout was exchanged for Griner between US and Russian authorities at Abu Dhabi airport. Griner is now on a plane coming home where she will be given a medical evaluation and be reunified with her family. Griner’s cousin Mary La Verne Metoyer spoke to me shortly after learning the news. She expressed her joy and spoke of her Mom (BG’s aunt) Anna Mae who was sitting next to her crying for joy while saying “thank you, Jesus, thank you Jesus” over and over. She also asked Swish to issue the following statement to all our readers and members “God is good. Her Aunt Anna Mae Metoyer, family, and myself are so blessed to have the love and prayers from everyone. The arms of love and faith has been so overwhelming. Thanks for all the support!”.

Griner is on her way back but is expected to undergo a debriefing and medical evaluation which is normal in a situation similar to hers. She has already spoken to her wife while on a call with President Joe Biden today. Cherelle Griner also speaking alongside President Biden reiterated her joy but also her prayers and love for the family of Paul Whalen who remains wrongfully detained and was not included in the swap despite the United States vigorously trying to include him in the exchange. With heavy hearts for Paul Whalen and his family, we in the basketball community collectively join in the Griner family’s joy that Brittney is free and she will be spending Christmas in the arms of her wife and family. BG IS FREE!

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