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Miles leads ND in toppling UCONN

By Sean Schultz

Ranked 7th in the nation in the latest polls and going up against perennial powerhouse UConn Huskies, the fighting Irish put the NCAA on notice that they thus far have been underestimated and have both the will and talent to contend for the title this year and in the years to come. Led by sophomore Olivia Miles, who today put in 21 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 block, and 2 steals. Her energy and leadership also helped both motivate and power her teammates with 4 more of the Irish scoring in double digits.

After the game, the opposing Coach Geno Auriemma who has for decade coached and led generations of the very best players in the world heaped nothing but praise at Miles, saying she is “something special”. Miles herself stayed humble despite all the praise but the truth remains that during the biggest game so far on the biggest stage in front of a packed house she not only stood strong under pressure but thrived and showed that so long as they stay focused, there is no limitation to where Miles in her own career or the fighting Irish can go this season.

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