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Northwestern University opens strong

By Sean Schultz

Northwestern University opened up the season with a 63 to 55 win against visiting Penn. the Wildcats also is a team that many don't know what to expect from. They lost their star player to the WNBA draft last year and not many knew what to expect from them entering this season and to be fair still don't. The Wildcats may not know the answer to that question themselves yet but they do know they control their own destiny and don't plan on doing anything except grind and fight every possession of every quarter of every game. Coach Joe McKeown understands it will be a difficult season, especially at the start of the November schedule but he also is confident with a deep team led by stars Courtney Shaw and Sydney Wood. The team knows starting games fast and getting that rhythm going early is essential, they also know that as long as they control the pace and move fast they are a force to be reckoned with. As Courtney Shaw said, “We are dangerous in transition”. The Wildcats are a team the rest of the conference and the NCAA should watch the Wildcats and not underestimate them. They may very well be the dark horse of the season.

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