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Williams and Moolah are the perfect fit

Williams and Moolah are the perfect fit

By Sean Schultz

Dynamic, powerful, fun, and diverse. Just some of the words to describe why women’s sports are so much fun and so addictive for its fans to watch, and it's why fans of women’s hoops are some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated fans of any sport you'll find out there. They are also words to describe some of the personalities in women's hoops, and you certainly won't get any more of a great personality than WNBA Star Courtney Williams who is currently playing her second season for the fiercely fun and dynamic Athletes Unlimited basketball league. Williams will also be entering her 8th WNBA season this year and has built a reputation as one of the league's most passionate and colorful personalities to watch, most fans would agree it's simply impossible to watch Courtney without being completely entertained. Recently Courtney partnered with an exciting new shoe brand that compliments her personality, Moolah Kicks.

In 2020 Natalie White founded Moolah kicks as the first and only women’s basketball brand that is scientifically made to fit female athletes. Its business model also is made to take revenue and reinvest it in the company itself or be used in some other ways to invest in other women's hoops projects or to help boost the dollar amount of sponsorship deals for women athletes. Its state-of-the-art design and construction and powerful business purpose have helped propel it from 140 dicks sporting goods stores in 2021 to 450 today. Its innovation, cool design, and unapologetic purpose of empowering women athletes are what make Moolah Kicks a perfect fit for a player like Courtney Williams who exemplifies those same traits as a female athlete each and every day.

As Williams told us “I love that the shoes are specifically made for women! They really are about supporting women at all levels, and they put the action behind that.” And also upon announcing the partnership with Moolah Williams said “ I am thrilled to join fellow WNBA star Destanni Henderson and University Connecticut Caroline Ducharme as a brand ambassador for Moolah Kicks, a company dedicated to performance driven basketball shoes made exclusively for female ballers”. We also feel like Moolah is not just a perfect fit for Williams and in all honesty all female athletes, but also comes at the perfect time for her as she embarks on a new chapter of her own career as she enters her first season with the Chicago Sky. Both Moolah and Courtney are going to help take women’s hoops to the next level, and we can’t wait to watch the journey. to check out all the information about Moolah and get your pair, be sure to visit

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